Verbatim DVD+/-R 4.7GB 16X 100-Pack Spindle $29.99 at Futureshop

Being a newbie to the forum I hope I done this right.

Verbatim DVD+/-R 4.7GB 16X 100-Pack Spindle $29.99 CDN. No coupons or rebates needed. and in store. Bought one of each myself.

The online link was huge… so for the moment the discs are under their Computer Add-ons ->CD/DVD Readers & Writers page. As well they are under the Blank CD’s & DVD’s page.

It’s my understanding that the Verbatim brand is pretty good. These same dics retail at FS for $65 Cdn usually. Staples who are just a parking lot over has them for $66.97.



Excellent price - for some very good Premium medias-eh!


Picked up two spindles at the local Futureshop, plenty of stock still. Burned better than my T02 on the 4163B. Well worth the trip :slight_smile: