Verbatim DVD-R 16x Scans any good?



Burned at 16x



Is Class 3 good or bad?



Class 3 is average. Not very good, but not bad. :slight_smile:
The scan has too many PIF. Could it be that the disc has dust specks or scratches?


A bit too many PIF clumps (green) to be very good, but should be a perfectly usable disc. :slight_smile:



Do you have the [B]Statistics[/B] window for the Advanced Quality Scan?
Without it, it’s more difficult to check results from AQS.

Also, how does the disc scan at 16x on AQS?



Error Maximum Total Average
1 PIE 32 96636 6.78
2 PIE 10 17604 1.23
3 PIE 3 833 0.06
4 PIE 3 322 0.02
5 PIE 3 215 0.02
PIF 5 902 0.06
PIE 37 116512 8.17
Jitter 16.3% n/a 10.31%
POE 351 29588 2.07
POF 0 0 0.00



Where both discs from same batch & burnt at 16x also?

They show very large differences in writing results. :confused:

The source of the class 3 rating is shown in the Statistics window, I would save those as .PNG in future, as if you look at the 5 measured values which constitute the Class rating, it should be clear.


Hi TL0,

I think the discs are of the same batch.

By the way, is 1 or 5 the best?



Class 1 is the best.


Well, I would try a few burns at lower speeds like 12x or 8x and see what you get.

I don’t think the results are that bad. Do a transfer rate test to see how it scans.

Also, don’t put 100% trust into these scans, they can often be very misleading. You might think a disc is crap because of the scan results but then it works perfect and one with a good scan might not even work. Just be aware things like that can happen.

Bottom line is that disc is within spec, and being a verbatim it will most likely work. But personally I don’t think 16x is good for burning movies.


The disc is most probably not in perfect condition, as [B]kg_evilboy[/B] mentions. It most probably has small concentric scratches, specks of dust or unburnt dark spots (due to specks of dust present on the surface during the burn). To dected such small issues, you need to put the disc under a direct strong artificial light (less than 4 inches from the disc) and look very attentively from several different angles.

But without the PIF clusters the burn itself looks OK to me, typical MCC 03RG20 burn. Check the condition.

I you want to be 100% sure of the the disc’s usability, perform a [B]transfer rate test [/B] as [B]cd pirate[/B] recommends. :iagree:


Hi Francksoy,

Here is the transfer rate test:


Purr-fect. :clap:
No need to worry. Enjoy the nice burning. :slight_smile: