Verbatim DVD-R 16x (MIT Vs MIC)



Hello all,
Picked up a 50 Pack Verbatim DVD-R Advanced AZO 50pack spindle from retail store today and just realized that its MIC so i thought to do some testing for quality.
Same project, same saftware (Nero Burning Rom 8) for burning and both discs are burned at 8x.

I am not an expert at doing quality scans and perhaps this is my first scan ever and i also know that my burner is not one of the best but what i can see in the results is that MIT discs are clearly better. I usually avoid anything MIC, looking at the PI Errors and PI Failures, i am thinking to throw these discs in garbage where they belong. Are they really that bad or the discs will do? Please comment.



That would indeed appear that the Chinese Verbs of a much lower initial quality than the Taiwanese Verbs. What you cannot tell from those scans however is how much degradation will occur over time - the Chinese Verb may be as stable as their Taiwanese counterpart.

What I would recommend you do is to continue using your Taiwanese (and Indian if you have any) Verbatim DVDs for things that are important, that you want to keep long term. Use the Chinese ones for things of lesser importance for now, then in 6 months, and a years time, check them again with the same drive and the same tests.
Then compare the disimprovement in scan quality (if any) of both disks to the scan you took just now.


Thanks SeanW for the response, i am ofcourse not going to use these MIC for anything more important to me, perhaps just for secondary backups only if i am gonna use them.
Also, the MIC disc is from the top of the spindle and MIT is from the last 5 discs in the spindle if that matters at all. I will burn more discs today to do some quality scans on them.


Some suggestions:

  1. Use nero discspeed to save your images. Click the floppy disc icon up near the top right. It will have far better image quality and a smaller file size.

  2. You do know that you are scanning @ 12x right? This can show elevated error levels. I personally scan at 16x since it’s the fastest (why go 12x, you might as well go 16x).

I suggest 4x to you if you are new to scanning and turning on the jitter scanning function also (if your drive can do it).

The MIC does look worse but then again, using a MIC from lower in the spindle and scanning slower may show closer results.



  1. Yes, i saved the image in .jpg and then i have to re-edit to add text, this degraded the image quality, i should have saved it in bmp.

  2. I knew i was scanning at 12x because i saw someother ppl scanning at 12x, as i wrote before, this was my first ever test, i will try to test in different speeds to see which yields the best results.

And i always think that dvd’s in top of the spindle should be little better or same then dvd’s in bottom of the spindle but i can be wrong.


PNG (Portable Network Graphics) is best for CD/DVD scans.

PNG is lossless quality, but depending on the image content, can be dramatically smaller than BMP (Bitmap).

PNGs can also be edited in mspaint (Windows XP anyway)


I’ve used both MIC and MIT Verbies (CMC made), and while error levels are a little higher on the MIC discs, playback and TRT were not a problem.

I even use the discs for one set of my archives (Verbies in general, including the MIC pack).

Assuming this is a backup movie on your MIC disc, is playback OK?


No Arachne, its a database backup dvd, my both pc dvd-rom and burner reads the data correctly. I have yet to burn a dvd movie on these discs to check if they play correctly in my player, i think they will. My real concern here is reliability over time. I don’t want to put them in my pc when needed to restore something and find out they don’t work anymore.