Verbatim DVD-R 16x (MCC 03RG20) Overall Quality?

Judging from your pictures I’d say the dark ring is in fact burnt, but perhaps not very well. This is a classic result of a 16x burn not going so well.

Your media is CMC made Verbatim MCC03RG20. I’d personally burn @ 8x instead or even 12x. Your writer is not the newest 16x drive either so this would partly be an issue.

You can go with TY but you might not get good results with that either. I personally have not gotten great results with TYG03, dunno about T03. 16x burning is very hit and miss. You need a disc that always has good batches. I personally have had Verbatim MCC004 that burnt great even @ 16x. Then other spindle don’t go well @ 16x at all.

They all burn fine @ 8x though. Depends what matters to you the most. Write quality or speed? If you want good write quality all the time and reliable results, you honestly need to forget about 16x burning. If your car can rev out to 7000RPM, does that mean you should constantly rev the engine to 7000?

With my Samsung 203B’s and Liteon 20A1’s, TYG03 burns best at 8x (perhaps even better slower - but I haven’t tried, while being HORRIBLE at 12x and above) while the MCC 03RG20 prefers 12x; 8x actually gives a decidedly worse scan for some reason.

I would not recommend TYG03 – particularly the 16x MIJ Verbatims that use that MID – for anything anymore. (Unless you are lucky enough to find some of the ones made under the Plextor label.) I was a TY fan boy once but have not found any decent batches of TYG03 so far…