VERBATIM DVD+R 16x InkJet Printable results?

Hello i thinking to buy 50 pack of VERBATIM DVD+R 4,7GB, 16x, photo printable, Wide Photo Printable No ID Brand i suppose, but cant find test results for this ones can someone give me link?

In my experience there is no difference in the discs with the printable surface and the branded silver matte discs, so just search for tests on MCC004.

There may be some test results on the Printable variety in this thread: Mitsubishi Chemicals DVD+R

All speeds have been tested in that thread though, so you may have to scroll to the end and work backwards for 16x discs. :slight_smile:

Verbatim 16x +R media is just about [I]the[/I] most compatible media I have ever used. I struggle to get bad results @ any speed in all my writers. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, MCC004 is awesome. MCC 03RG20 is more variable, but compatibility wise again outstanding :iagree:

Except for bad batches, I agree. Only YUDEN000 T02 is more widely compatible, but it’s not always good at burning speeds above 8x.

Haha yeah, I’m running a scan right now on an MCC 03RG20…not impressed, but I’m sure the TRT will be fine.

I love MCC004 though, or my burners do. :slight_smile:

O/T could you post the scan please? Also, is it MBI made Verbatim?

I gave up on the scan, but did a TRT which was indeed flawless. And nope, it’s Prodisc made printable. :slight_smile:

Kevatcrewe. Here’s one for you. MBI made Verbatim +R from PC World. They are very good discs. I find that they compare very favourably with MIJ Verbatim. I haven’t tried MIT Verbatims yet…

That’s extremely good. Were they on special offer?

That’s excellent :clap: - all flavours of MCC004 perform similarly for me.

For the benefit of the OP, I’m posting a scan of a Verbatim 16x DVD+R printable (regular area), made in Taiwan by Prodisc. The disc was burned by my PX-760SA using BHA B’s Recorder GOLD9.

Here’s a scan of a 12x burn of the hub printable MCC 03RG20, since I had to reburn it anyway (this media does not do well at 18x LOL). Burned on a LiteOn LH-20A1H (LL07).

I’d stick with the +Rs if I were the OP :slight_smile:

Hmm, Prodisc-made MCC 03RG20 printable (again, non-hub) didn’t do too badly with my 165H6S@16x. In fact, of all my burners it seems to handle these Prodisc MCCs the best, much better than my Pioneer 111 or various Plextors.

January sale €19.99 (just over £13) for 50. Last week the same packs were €29.99.

Believe it or not, they also charge €29.99 (£20) for a 10 pack of Verbatim 16x +R :eek:

If you check last page in Mitsubishi DVD+R test forum i have a few there. I have othing but flawless experience with MCC 004 photo printable discs. My fave is the 50 pack from svp but the 25 pack from digital promo is fine as well. Only those in the 25 pack have all the errors in the end of the disc where those from the 50 box are evenly distributed? :slight_smile:

Both packs are totally constant in their respective PIF profiles and all discs are perfectly compatible in everything i’v seen :slight_smile: