Verbatim DVD+R 16x from Xmediatrade



I just bought a spindle of DVD+R, Verbatim 16x from said company. The spindle said “Made in India”, so I guess they are Moser Baer ware. On the Hub, they show a transparent inprint with a plus sign in it. I also bought some at amazone a while back, they also have that plus sign, but black print. The india product had some small “dents” in the outer color rim. On the other hand, it cost about half of what amazon charges. I burned one, which turned out very nice, Pie under 10, no obvious peaks.

Any comments on the media or the company? Are these dents a Moser Baer issue?



I’ve heard of MBIL manufacturing media with both printed and stamped serials. Probably some of their lines print serials, and other stamp.

Now… about dents… what exactly do you mean? Are you referring to the lacquer on the outer rim that usually isn’t applied completely evenly? If it’s just lacquer, it’s probably not an issue.


No, I am refering to the dye which usually ends a millimeter before reaching the outer the rim of the dye, there are inward dents, about triangular with about a millimeter side length. The first one I used had a dent that went into the groove part. I checked some more, few have these dents, but their dents don’t go that far in.