Verbatim DVD-R 16x COASTERS

What’s up with this?

I purchased a 100 pack of Verbatim DVD-R 16x media.
I’ve burned about 66 discs of which about 12 have been coasters.

I burn with a BenQ 1650 and IMGBurn at 8x, 6x and 4x.
IMGBurn gets up to 39% complete or less before it tells me the completion time is unknown.

When I cancel the burn, the IMGBurn real time log logs that it was cancelled but it doesn’t appear to stop.
If I attempt to cancel it a second time, IMGBurn tells me that it heard me the first time.

It doesn’t seem to stop.
I have to close IMGBurn via Task Manager.
I then have to reboot in order to open my burner to remove the bad disc.

Thanks for any advice.

Which firmware do you use on your Benq?
Which version of IMGBurn do yo have?

Besides, I would consider burning your Verbatims @ 12x speed…that seems to be the sweet spot of burning quality for the BenQ.

It’s a BenQ that was in a Norwood box at CUSA.
It is a BenQ. It says BenQ on the drive.
Firmware Version = GCFC
IMGBurn version = ( recently released)
I thought I read that 8x was optimal for 16x Verbs with slower speeds suggested for better quality over speed or if there were any problems.


Your firmware should give no problems, but you could try to upgrade to latest official one, BCIC. I got best results with this one and still use this drive for Verbatim 16+R at 12x, which gives me better burns than any of the newer drives…(including LG and LiteON)
Well the saying “slower = better” may be true for various situations in life :bigsmile: - but not necessarly for burning too…
Many of us here came to the conclusion that the latest high-speed media (as Verbatim 16x) is optimized for higher speeds, whereas 12x is considered as the best way between quality and speed.
Though 8x shouldn’t give any problems likes yours.

There should be no issue at all at 8x. These normally do fine at 4x as well, though I would consider that a slight possibility for some issues since I’ve occasionally encountered coasters with high speed media at slow speeds, even media that normally does ok at slower speeds. BTW, Benqs don’t support 6x, so it is likely shifting to 4x when you choose 6x in ImgBurn.

Why don’t you use Nero or DVD decrypter and burn at 8x or 12x only?

And email Verbatim tech support about those coasters. Just give them the hub codes and they should send you replacements. Wait until you stop getting coasters, so that you only have to make one request.

My Nero is old and doesn’t do DVD.
I use RipIt4Me with DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink to make ISO images of my DVD’s and then burn them with IMGBurn.

I was told that IMGBurn was a better burner.
I believe it’s made by the same people who made DVD Decrypter.
They’ve stopped updating Decrypter.
IMGBurn is based on the same engine albeit an updated version and continues to be updated.

Do I have to hold onto every coaster?
I’ve thrown many away.
I do have a few that I’ve kept to test how well various markers work on them.

There’s a code pressed into the clear plastic at the hub.
There’s also a code in the first silver ring out from the hub.
It’s reversed as a mirror image.

I’ve had about identical results to the thread starter

My burner is a LG-4163B, will update with firmware and software later when I get home.

Safe to say its the 1st and last box of Verbatims / Mitsu’s for me.