Verbatim dvd+r 16x 75pk 23.99 after $30 MIR



thought it was a good deal but shipping is approx $ 8.55


well let’s see, dual layer prices stink, Meritline stinks, and mail in rebates stink, take all three of those things together and you got a “BIG STINKER!” No thanks.

I don’t see how ANY DL media is selling at these prices. I just got 200 8x Prodisc for UNDER $58 shipped from shop4tech! I couldn’t get 12 pieces of DL media for that price.


The link was for 16x SL DVD+R; I’m not sure why you bring up DL media…?


your right, my mistake, had just read two other DL posts and got em’ confused. Well this isn’t a bad deal but it isn’t hot either especially because of the “rebate”, what a pain in the arse those are. Well, 2 of the 3 stinkers are still present. :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t really see how Meritline could screw up anything in this instance. Retail Verbatim is retail Verbatim no matter where it’s purchased; the discs are pretty well packed as is with the styrofoam rings so even if Meritline did a poor job of boxing the discs they should arrive in good shape; am I missing anything?


I received 3 boxes of these yesterday from Meritline. No problems. Box came by UPS, well packaged and is the real thing. Now i just have to take care of the rebate.



OK - I bought these (actually from Dell - $30 AR including shipping). I burned my first one last night using DVDShrink/Nero 6.0. The results (disc quality test) were fantastic - PIF max of 9, average <2, no PIE’s, etc…

However…I cannot play it in one of my (3) DVD players. It is about a 5 year old RCA (don’t know the model number - I’m at work right now).

It has had no problem playing the 8x-R’s that I have used. If I look at DVDShrink, it has (I believe) “set booktype to DVD-Rom” checked. Is there something else I need to do to get the RCA to read the +r’s?


what burner are you using? are you sure it’s capable of bitsetting? DVD Shrink cannot burn and there’s no option for setting booktype.


It is an IOMagic (I know, no its not), and shows as a 1601 in Nero.

On one of the pages in in DVDShrink I was pretty sure I saw a box checked that said “Burn at least 30MM” and right above it was the box that was checked that said “Burn as DVD-Rom” or “Set booktype to DVD-Rom.” It fires up Nero to do the burn.

Again, I’m at work so I may be mistaken (pretty crappy memory lately).


im not sure what the manufacturer of that drive is…sounds like a Lite-On. i would search the Lite-On section for the terms “bitsetting” and/or “booktype”.

my version of shrink (3.2) has not options for setting booktype…like i said, alone, shrink cannot burn discs. it would be using NERO, Decryptor or CopyToDVD to be able to burn a disc and the bitsetting should be done via one of those apps.


I also use DVDShrink 3.2. On the Burn Settings page of the Backup DVD dialog is the “Book type DVD-ROM” selection. Now that I am home & can look at it however, it is checked, but grayed out.

As I mentioned it uses Nero to burn - if this is where I need to do bitsetting, where would I set the option in Nero Express

(I’m off to a hoops game this evening, so thanks in advance for any help you can provide me).