Verbatim DVD+R 16X, $27...Good media?

After buying 300 Ritek G05’s 8X DVD-Rs that had a media code that would only allow them to burn at 4X, I am ditching them for something that can actually burn at the rated speed. People have told me the 8X Riteks’ quality has gone down significantly over the previous G04’s everyone recommended last year.

In anycase I have now found

Verbatim 16X DVD+R 75 pack, $57 - $30 rebate = $27. With shipping, It comes out to $0.42/DVD for me, which isn’t bad, and damn good for 16X I think.

In any case, I was wondering the quality of this media? Is it good? Opinions? People with previous experience speak up :slight_smile: I have a new NEC 3520a Burner capable of 16X, so this would be much better then burning the messed up Riteks I got at only 4X…

Thoughts? anyone?

PS. The store to buy these is

You can’t get better 16x disc than this =) Quality is very good… they are one of the most recommended discs you can find IMHO.

Verbatim 16x +R … that would be MCC 004, I believe…


Nice! - that is one VERY good burn on Verbatim 16x - good Plextools scan, and unblemished transfer plot.

On the next page, it bombed out completely on one: Datawrite Grey 8x -R (stated as CMC MAG AE1) but did reasonably ok on Datawrite Prinatable with the same code - though the Fujifilm03 code also showed a rather poor start… media, or early drive firmware, that is the question?

^^Media. Fujifilm 03 seems weird,IMO.

I bought a 25 pack of these to test the 16x capabilities of my Pioneer 108 drive. Guess what? They won’t burn at 16x (with stock 1.14 firmware). :frowning: They burned very nicely at 12x though, but so do the Verbatim 8x +r’s I already had.

A couple weeks ago, I upgraded to the new 1.18 firmware. I thought it must be updated to burn these at 16x, but no such luck. 12x maximum still.

Other burners will probably work at 16x, but not the Pioneer. Still, these are excellent 12x disks. :slight_smile:

The question running through my mind is, what drive are you using to burn them, and what FW? You may be able to update to a newer, “Official,” FW and get better resultant speeds, or if that doesn’t work, there are probably hacked FW’s available that will allow you to burn at aat LEAST the rated speed. Just my $0.02.


Verbatim 16x DVD+R media killed my NEC3500A with the latest NEC firmware.

It died when it started writing the first disc. This drive never created a single coaster during its short lifespan of 3 months. (4x, 8x speeds. about 30 discs)

I’ve read that you have to use an unsupported firmware to use this media on this drive.

media killed your drive? hrm…

I have installed the NEC 3520, and flashed with Dee’s latest FW.

I bought this media from Meritline after checking to see it was compatible.

My drive does not recognize any media being in the drive. When I place an old 2.4x DVD+RW Memorex disk in the drive, it erases, formats and burns just fine.

Any suggestions? I am a newbie to this forum.


False. The 3500 has supported Verbatim 16x +R (MCC004) in official FW from the beginning.