Verbatim DVD+/-R 100pack from NewEgg has the DVD+R media from Verbatim (great on my 832s drive) for $49.99 and the DVD-R media for $50.99, which is great. At .50 cent per disc thats great for Verbatim. They are rated at 8x, I know this is not the fastest but my drive is only 8x. I like quality over speed so I will be sticking with it until it goes bad.

Ah but where is it made? That is the real question. If it’s made in Singapour (True MCC) or Made In Japan (Taiyo Yuden) then that is a great deal. However, if it is made in Taiwan (generally CMC produced MCC dye) then the quality can be anyone’s guess.

It’s Taiwan. I haven’t seen any 8x Verbatim media made in Singapore in quite some time. But Taiwan MCC is still MCC, with quality better than most media out there. There is no TY Verbatim in the US.

The 100 pack I received was also made in Taiwan, and ID’s as MCC 003.
I have had excellent results with these discs. As soon as they are back in stock, I will be ordering another 100
Here are a couple scans. The first is with ND3500 @8X. The last is with Benq 1620 @8X

Which Verbatim’s are better quality-wise right now? The plus or the minus? (if anyone has scanned the minus ones yet). Especially if on a Pioneer 108.


Not all Taiwan-made are CMC. Prodisc is starting to make a lot of MCC003 media. Their price seems to be lower than CMC’s and quality seems to be better, too. If the serial number in the inner hub has a “+” in the middle, then it’s probably a Prodisc and not a CMC.

Most likely “+”. The recent MCC003 +R that I’ve seen have been quite good.