Verbatim DVD-R 100 pack Inkjet printables

Sams Club $43.38 for 100 VErbatim DVD-R inkjet printables, sounds good to me, no shipping plus that.

Do they also have the +r printables…

not really sure, your dvd rom doesnt play both?

they have both +R/-R, and 16X too, wow what a great deal on 16X inkjet printable
and the price is even lower, for only $41.63 per 100 of 16X verbatim inkjet printable. Time to call around for friends who have Sams Membership.

Scroll down

Sam’s Club Inkjet Printable “White” $41 MMC004. 16X…well worth it.


is it hub printable, print all the way to the center ring? do you know? please let me know

yes, they have both, just picked up 300 (-)

I have a 100 pack of the DVD+Rs. They aren’t hub printable unfortunately.

is the -R hub printable GOBLUE8000?


Too bad they don’t have Sam’s club here in Boise Idaho. At least I have the Costo deal to look forward to in August. When they have the Buy One Get One free deal, I’m taking friends with me and stocking up. They will have the Verbatim 16x inkjet printables.

Harley: How do you know about this Costco thing? I have a Costco around the corner and all they carry is TDK Inkjet printables in 50 spindles Made in India for 29.00. When will they get Verbatim? How do you know?

are the tdks hub printable?