Verbatim DVD Media

I’m testing* another 9 DVD writers this weekend and Verbatim Australia has kindly donated (unsolicited by me!) a pack of 10 DVD discs of each type for the roundup. I have used Verbatim CD-Rs for the last 6 months now and have settled on the superAZO Data Life Plus series as they have proven faultless since I started burning in July 2001. I asked them if they make OEM discs:

Verbatim make CDs and DVDs for many other brands. You may or may not know that Verbatim is in fact owned by Mitsubishi Chemical and that Verbatim and Mits discs are one and the same. Here in Australia we distribute both the Verbatim and Mitsubishi branded discs. In the DVD arena we make DVD discs for Pioneer, Apple and many others.


Timmi Gibson
Marketing Communications Coordinator
Verbatim Australia
*PCPowerplay 5 June 2003

I’ll let you all know how these discs go, hopefully in a small feature article later this month :slight_smile: