Verbatim DVD, is this MCC code?

Verbatim DVD, is this MCC code?

Silver Shiny Silk Screenable?

What’s this mean?

They are usually MCC02RG20, either made by Prodisc, CMC , or MBI.

If you look farther down in the page, they state this. I assume they mean they are silk screen printable.

Most likely Prodisc; I think CMC is making 16x MCC exclusively these days and to my knowledge MBI-made MCC has never shown up on US shores.

MBI-made MCC has never shown up on US shores

nothing but MBI made MCC here in czech republic

same situation in germany now…crap blanks

My MBI made MCC 02RG20 are fine, but don’t have the same characteristics as former (CMC or Prodisc made) batches:

  1. Crap burns on Nec 3540A wich burned great the former MCC02RG20 (Taiwan)
  2. Crap burns on Pioneer 109 wich burned good the former MCC02RG20 (Taiwan)
  3. Very good burns on Nec 4550A (didn’t try Taiwanese discs, no more in stock)
  4. With Benq 1640, standard MCC 02RG20 strategy: poor burns, SB for know media: very good burns.

We are several to think that the problem with Made in India MCC 02RG20 is not quality, but deviation from the MCC02RG20 “normal” characteristics. Thus many firmwares don’t apply the appropriate srategy, which would explain why users experiment very different results with these discs…

You can add:

poor burns with LG4163 / FW 105/106
poor burns with LiteOn 1635 latest FW
useable burns with Pioneer 105 / FW 1.33

You need to clarify. Prodisc and CMC and MBI are different. My 4163 does very well with Prodisc MCC02RG20.

MCC02RG20 / Made in India…that´s the information what i can get fom the blank and from the cake box…normaly that is a MB product.

Hi Chas :slight_smile:

He was refering to MBI MCC02RG20 :wink: - as an extension to my own post about in which burners I had good/bad results with them… am I wrong 1.Master?

I think you are right :wink:

how do you guys know who made your MCC’s?

I bought my verbatim -R’s 02rg20 from stores here in USA… Says made in taiwan
I have the good mcc’s right?

Sounds like you’ve got the decent ones.

There was a time when Verb == Quality, but today it seems very hit or miss.

Bought some Verb 16x in work. Disks arrived (MIT), excellent surface, Plextools QA results. Went home, ordered 200 from same supplier and got some Made in India crap, of which the first 5 disks failed to even burn (even @8X).

Both the Tiawan/India disks have the same MCC code, but one’s good and the other totally stinks.

Made in Taiwan MCC can be manufactured by Prodisc or CMC (both with MCC technology and - in theory - quality control).

To know which ones you have, check this thread. :wink:

Is MBI the same as Moser Beaur (India)? The worst Imation disks (and that’s saying something…) I have ever used.

If so, that would explain a lot…

I assumed the same, that he was referring to MBI. I just wanted to make sure he clarified it for anyone who might not have made the same guess as to which MCC he was having trouble with.

Now that you mention it… yes, wasn’t quite clear… getting your point :bigsmile:

Yep, Moser Baer India. Don’t jump to conclusions, though. They make some very fine discs.

i got a crap batch of MCC from cdrdvdrmedia/meritline

of the first 5 dvd’s in the spindle, they all have crap outer rim burns covering the last 1gb of the disc. I’m getting spikes and increased levels of errors in this area

:confused: ?? Not sure what you mean? What does it look like exactly?