Verbatim DVD DL help

Guys Need Some Help

Want to get a 20 Pack of Verbatim DVD DL,i Mailed they Said they Have only Made In India Media :disagree: which is by Mosebaer i guess :iagree:

any Good online Shop in Us to get a 20 Pack which is Made In Singapore ? :frowning:

These should be MIS ~ MKM001

Supermediastore is the only site that lists the MID and I’m not sure if the MIS and MII MID’s are different.

Or if your a member of Sam’s Club they have 50 pks for $70. Most have both MIS and MII.

Btw are verbatim +R DL MII that bad? any1 have a scan of this media?

I think there are some scans in the Sam’s Club Verb thread in the bargain basement. IIRC they did not look that great.

Damn I need to go to Sams

thnx a TON for the Help mate :clap: :clap:

hope they as reliable as :smiley:

guys where else can i pick these ?

pricing of Supermedia store is 44.99 rima is 36 only but thats made in india :frowning: did not respond to my mail :frowning:

Currently Micro Center on sale Verb DL 8X B[/B] 15pack $29.99
and Sams Verb DL B[/B] 50pack $69.94
Make sure check Made in singapore

I would get a 50 pack of MIS for 69.94 if it were possible where I live :smiley:

It’s about $65 for a [B]20[/B] pack over here! Far too pricey. Oh and btw, that’s the absolute cheapest I’ve found it here! :eek:

i am not able to find MIS

are these good ?

^^^ any help ?

I wouldn’t buy them…or really I should say I wouldn’t buy anything DL except Verbatim MIS, but you already knew that.

i am having Probs Locating Verb MIS,no Local Store near my place has them :frowning:

The last Verb printable DL I got was MIS, got it from NewEgg.

I just purchased one spindle from Supermedia and one from Newegg, both were MII…

Mailed Verbatim,they said they are getting Media only from India in Recent Times :frowning:

this is really sad :frowning:

it is time to start hunting Verb MIS :iagree:

Damn cheapass Verbatim! They are going to go down the same path as their CD-R. Outsource it to n00bs. :a

That is really, really bad news.