Verbatim DVD DL, 8X – Good?



How is the verb DL media rated at 8x ? (For archival)

If I am not wrong the only manufacturer for this media is moser baer, made in india?

Can anybody provide an media id of this product ?


Very good discs.

Mine are Made in Singapore by Mitsubishi Kagaku Media, so no, MBIL aren’t the only manufacturers.

MID is MKM003 (for the +R DL…I’ll have a look at my MIS -R DL and be back with an edit).

Edit: MID for the -R DL is MKM 03RD30.


Hows made in india stuff – I can get only this stuff around…


It’s improved a lot from some recent reports.

A search should bring up a recent thread where Womi posted some good scans of his MII DL media.