Verbatim Dual Layer results

are these good results? got a real low score probably because of the PIF spike.

An error only for me or these attachments are all black?

Underneath that black ‘cover’, I’m sure there’s a quality scan to review … :slight_smile:

I’m getting curious :stuck_out_tongue:

They are very good. The PIF is very low, in fact it’s zero.


he mentioned something about the PIF spikes … hmm … I wonder if he’s got a custom skin that shades PIF’s as black … if that is the case, looks like solid black PIF spikes all across the scan … as they say in Wisconsin, “not gouda”. :slight_smile:

PIF is very low and it looks like a good scan, can’t see why it says read errors in the read error test because all blocks are green

the CRC test? That red line is the layer switch. No errors on there.

That box is just where it would list the read errors if there were any. It doesn’t mean that there are read errors.

The score is definitely low because of the one lone PIF spike. I’d redo the scan to see if it’s real.

Why do people revive topics from months ago?

Because this topic was referenced here and I wasn’t paying attention to the date on this one.

Don’t get your panties all in a bunch.