Verbatim Double Layers - Indian made - anyone got any yet?

Hey there,

I remember reading a few months back that come febuary, they would be starting to outsource these to India instead of singapore, and a few ppl were worried that the quality would suffer, myself included.

I would have expected by now that they might start showing up here in the UK mail order chains but as of yet I’ve only received MIS’s.

Has anyone actually managed to receive some of these or even seen them for sale yet? Curious to know if there were any conclusions made from them and whether we really do need to brace ourself for a load of wasted discs?


:eek: :eek: :eek:
Wow, thank you for the info, I didn’t know that!
I still think that made in India media is fine in general, but in this case we can only wait for these DLs and test them - only then we will be able to conclude smth. :rolleyes:

MBI DVD media with MBI codes can be good.
But neither MBI’s CD-R media with MBI code (degradation) nor their DVD media made for other companies with other codes (deviation from the standard) were really good :frowning: