Verbatim double layer media to launch at 15 EUROs in Germany

I just posted the article Verbatim double layer media to launch at 15 EUROs in Germany.

German website Heise reports that Verbatim will launch its first batches of double layer media at about 15 EURO a piece. In the end of June the first discs should become available in the…

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:r :r :r too expensive for a lousy dvd

price will go down no worries! :slight_smile:

I hope by the time the price drops burn speeds with have increased to something decent.

… really dont know whats all about this DL hype …

I miss my DVD-RAM. Magnetic rulez :r

somebody wake me when we see 8x DL media at non-stratospheric prices. This shoulda stayed in the labs :slight_smile:

It’s expensive because of low yield. Difficult and expensive to mass produce. It will also take Ritek a lot to copy DL disks from Mitsubishi. Didn’t we all know that the first introductory price will be somewhat higher than the current usual DVD+R/-R prices? DVD+R DL now IS meant for the early adopters, not for the mass.