Verbatim Double Layer - Best Online Deal

$23.95 (10 pk) after shipping to California.

Yup, unless you had one locally, the deal is kinda killed.

If you order 5 or more, the cost after shipping comes out to just under $2/disc.

Not too far off from what it would cost locally once you add tax.

Of course, you have to want a lot of them :slight_smile:

There is one by my work. However I already bought 2 for 19.99 each and I don’t use DL that much.

BB has the 20 pack for 35 bucks
maybe able to pair it up with 10 or 15% coupon mailed out recently

Nice find. At 1.75 a disk, that’s the lowest non-rebate price from BB.

You can get 30% for the free booklet in store, there is a trick how to locate 30% booket, search around on the web and you will find the way.

This deal is also online but I dont know if the coupon is applicable for online purchase.

Not quite as cheap but still a good price and you get a free cd wallet. Allthough for those of us who don’t have a BB nearby this is definitely a better deal. $40.74 shipped from the egg.

what booklet and what’s the trick???

Actually the free wallet Newegg throws in always(that I’ve seen anyway) still has shipping costs, $2 in this case. Personally not worth it, with what wallets run.

BestBuy is giving away back to school coupon, ranging from 10% to 30%. Look for the register mark and on the left of the register trade mark, if there is no numbers on the left side of the register trade mark on the back of the coupon booket, then thats the 30% coupon. And if you see the number on the left of it, then you will get a measely 10% or 15%.

Thanks for sharing. Searched but no luck finding it yet.

Kindly link us to this 30% booklet?


I just ordered a spindle from Newegg. They did try to add $2 shipping for the wallet. I took the wallet off the order to bring it back to the expected price of 40.74 (shipping included). has the Verbatim DL 20 pack for 39 shipped. This is 1.95 a disk. It does not appear to be a sale. Be aware all the shipments I get from, even $10 or $20 orders, are shipped “signature required” which means you have to be there to sign for it or the shipper will not drop it off. I don’t order from them for this reason. Newegg, Amazon, etc. don’t do this for small orders.

I believe the coupon that the poster is referring to is actually given out for free in the Best Buy store. So if you go inside Best Buy there will be a Best Buy service rep handing out Back to School coupons. You just grab one from the rep and then purchase your items. Hope this helps.

If you Bestbuy happens to be out of stock or you don’t have one nearby. Newegg has a great deal on these. $40.74 shipped for the 20 pack AND there is now a $10 MIR. EDIT Shoot, looks like they are out of stock. Keep an eye on that though.

This remains the cheapest non-rebate price. I have ordered dozens of things from and none were shipped “signature required”, although perhaps it depends on where you are located and what you order.

BTW, I have ordered several times from Meritline, every time the media was shipped very quickly and well packed. I think the bad ratings generally were older incidents, and may have involved electronics rather than media.

Newegg is always great as well, of course. The spindle from them with MIR says

ETA: 8/14/2006 6:03:00 PM

I may order one of those myself when they get back in stock. I have a bunch of TV series that I need to backup and I really prefer using D/L discs for those. Still waiting on my rebate from the last time though so we shall have to see how that pans out first.

I’ll bet you it was shipped that way but your deliverer chose not to enforce it. Wether this is good or bad is your call. The driver should not be able to tell if your order is “cheap” or not. Next time you order, call the carrier with your tracking number and ask about it.

I emailed and they admitted they ship that way and there is no way to change it. The UPS guy said the same thing and he seemed aggravated about it. He said was one of the few places that did it that way and he named another one or two which I don’t remember.

My guy(s) go by the book.

It’s been mentioned before, but to keep this thread updated:

$30 for 20 disks shipped. Thats $1.5 per disk before rebate, the lowest non rebate price I’ve seen. After rebate it’s $1 per disk.