Verbatim Double Layer - Best Online Deal

Rima has lowered the price of MKM 001 to $20 + shipping. I won’t do the math, but if you get two or 3 packs, it’s better than the Newegg deal if you don’t consider the rebate.

Shipping is $3.98 for me (UPS Ground). New egg has this spindle for $24.99 shipped, which is $1 more than Rima, but Newegg has $8 MIR making it $16.99 shipped AR.

Link to Spindle

Link to Rebate

this thread is already posted somewhere in this forum, why did you start out as a new thread

OK, I’ll do the math. If you’re in CA, which I assume you are based on your shipping cost:

Ordering 3 packs from Rima (shipping to CA):
59.97 + 4.92 shipping = 64.89

Ordering 3 packs from Newegg:

Again I’m not considering the rebate here. If you like dealing with rebates, then obviously go with Newegg. Personally I’d take the Rima deal.

I created a new thread because I didn’t care for the title on the old one and this forum won’t let you change the title.

Well we can always get rid of the old one since most of those deals are dead anyways. :wink:

That’s okay with me if you want to do that.

On second thought, I will just let it die as it was originally started for deals on MKM 003.

Looks like Rima has raised the price back to what is was previously. Prices just don’t stay down with this media.

Amazon is back with the 24.99 free shipping plus rebate deal:

This looks the same as the Newegg deal.

NewEgg also has the same exact deal:



Before anyone else mentions it, Amazon is out of stock again. It seems they can only keep them in stock for a half a day at a time. I’ll avoid linking them again until they show they can maintain a supply for a few days.

Something new:
Newegg is now listing a 20pk 8x spindle for 38 + 5 shipping = 43 or 2.15 per disk.

There is no image, but the description would imply these are MKM 003. If this is a regular price and not a sale, then this is a downward movement in the price.

The only thing I don’t understand is why anyone in the universe would buy this:

Plus tax in CA. Let us know when they attach a rebate or have free shipping (on the 20pk).

This must be the 2.4x (MKM 001) adverstised as 8x. The only package that the true 8x (MKM 003) comes in is the five-pack in jewel cases, which sells for USD 18 at Best Buy. The 20-pack 2.4x sells for USD 50 at Best Buy.

to get the free wallet :bigsmile:

it states in the discription of the former item 2.4-8x therefore confirmed = mkm-001

Newegg has the 20pk MKM 001 spindle for 38 + 5 shipping = 43 or 2.15 per disk back in stock.

This appears to be the regular price and is a price drop from the previous regular price of around $2.50 to $2.80 per disk for the 10 packs.

Amazon has the 10 pack for $25 free shipping + a rebate:

The newegg 20 pack has dropped to 40.75 or ~2.04 per disk shipped. That’s the lowest non-sale non-rebate price. These seem to be popping in and out of stock regularly.

Yup, you can currently get them for 75 cents less at meritline but given meritline’s reputation, I would gladly spend the extra 75 cents to get them from newegg.

To be clear, 75 cents less for the 20 pack, or $2 per disk versus $2.04

And Newegg is 3 day shipping, which can be 1 day if you’re near the east or west coast warehouses. With Meritline it took 7 days to get my last ground shipment.

That is of course assuming that meritline will get off their lazy butts and ship it within 24 hours as well. :wink:

How about this: