Verbatim + DL's still the best?

So i’ve been burning my 2.4x 10 packs at 8x for quite some time now w/o any major problems, but my supply has been getting low and there are no B&M’s near me that carry them anymore (i assume they are being phased out since its been months since any b&m store has carried them). I do NOT want to buy any of the 20 (or was it 25?) packs since i’ve bought them before and they have about a 15% failure rate. (Altho everybody tells me they are exactly the same, I’ve tried several packs, from several different stores, spaced several months apart) and they all have a high failure rate. Maybe just bad luck? So anyways… I have a plextor 740 (benq 1640) and was wondering if the new 8x 003’s will work on them? I heard the firmware might be too old?


Microcenter has the 10pks for $15.99 :slight_smile: