Verbatim DLP vs. 5 drives


Here is another comparision. This time, it’s Verbatim Data Life Plus with buzzwords “Crystal”, “Super Azo”, “Double Protection”, “Scratch Resistant” “Ultimate Performance Media” on the spindle. Well, let’s see :wink:

The media:
Verbatim Data Life Plus 52x Made in India, written @40x in this contest.

The drives:

  • Liteon SOHR-5239V 2$0D (USB connected; Myson Century USB-IDE-Adapter)
  • LG GSA-4163 A106
  • Benq DW 1650 BCDC
  • Samsung SH-W163A TS01 (SATA connected; Promise PDC 20579)
  • Liteon SHM-165P6S MS0P (USB connected; Cypress enclosure)

The test:
Disc creation test in Nero CD/DVD Speed 4.51.3, write speed was set to 40x. Any of those drives supports that speed with that media.
Discs were scanned with

  • Nero CD/DVD speed 4.51.3 using the Benq DW 1650 DVDRW drive
  • Kprobe 2.5.2 using the Liteon SOHR-5239V CDRW drive

Let’s go!


Let’s start with the Benq DW 1650 BCDC:

Next is LG GSA 4163B A106:

Sony DW-G120A@Liteon SHM-165P6S MS0P (USB):

Another Litey -
Liteon SOHR-5239V 2$0D (USB)

Last drive here is
Samsung SH-W163A TS01 (SATA)

The results table:

And just for fun:
MSI CR52-A2 @ Optorite CW5201 220E

The Benq is freakin’ out with that disc :bigsmile:

Now that’s really frigging funny seeing those beautiful C2 errors!

Those are not C2 errors but rather reading glitches during scanning.
They could be due to a real problem or they could simply be the result of quirky scanning behaviour - it’s difficult or impossible to know for sure.

Whoa…C2!!! Not on the 4163 or 1650 though, I’m very pleased to see :bigsmile:

(Edit: Just seen Drage’s response to the C2 thing ;))

Cheers, Michael, I’m loving these comparison threads - nice of you to take the time for us :slight_smile:

See my answer in


It’s like Deja Vu all over again. :stuck_out_tongue:

Regarding the green “read errors” shown in (some) KProbe2 scans

Here’s a brief explanation from The Big KProbe2 Thread:

Thanks for that Drage - a lot clearer now! :slight_smile:

Hehe, and I just realised I missed the ones on the 4163 scan…whoops :o


Did you carry out typing or other tasks while checking BLER? Are those errors (green) repeatable?

It is possible to know. If those are not repeatable, they are probably artifacts. When repeatable, they will be reflected in bad blocks (containing uncorrectable errors) in the read test under ScanDisc at that speed if the disc is not an audio CD. Some data files will be unreadable in the most serious cases. Slowdowns or halt in transfer rate test may also occur.

What rdgrimes said is not self consistent. “Unreadable sectors” will result in “unreadable data”.

You are right, of course, but I only meant that it was difficult or imposible to know by looking at the posted KProbe scan only! I guess I should have been more clear.

What rdgrimes said is not self consistent. “Unreadable sectors” contain “unreadable data”.

I think what rdgrimes was saying is the same thing I said: You cannot conclude by looking only at the KProbe scan that the green “read errors” are unreadable sectors, because that is only one of the possible explanations, and usually it’s the wrong one.

It seems that you can read the mind of rdgrimes :slight_smile: , whereas I am simple-minded.