Verbatim DLP good for ND-3500?

I’m looking for some good media for my new NEC ND-3500 burner. Does Verbatim DataLifePlus work well with this drive? More concerned with quality burns than with speed. Are these better than stuff like Ritek and Prodisc?

Hello Pudah!
I would recommend this media, both + and -. Have look at this post (two weeks ago):
I have had nothing but good expirience with Verbatim media, and I use them all the time. I have also noticed that burning with DvdDecrypter gives me slightly better results, but it just might be a coincidence. Just to compare with above results, here is the scan of burned + media with Decrypter.

I would not recommend the higher speed variants of this media both the mcc003 and newer 16x mcc 004 have trouble at the end of the disk.
They say mcc 003 can go to 12x but we cannot find in our beta testing of newer firmwares any write strategy that can do this without high errors at the end of the disk and the newer mcc 004 while being passable at 16x also show the same higher errors at the end. Other media are better at these speeds such as real tyo. yuden 002 etc.

Thanks for the feedback folks. I appreciate it. Another question. Any of you know if the only difference between 94816 and 94495 is that the 94816 is printable all the way out to the hub and the 94495 is not?


I get excellent burns with the Taiyo Yuden 8x in both - and + R’s; Ritek 8x -R’s-

The Prodisc 8x +R’s gave a bunch of bad pixel/freezing/crap burns-


I use verbatim Datalifeplus cdr on my NEC 3500AG all the time and have no problems…

[edit] thought you ment cdr anyway i would recommend either TAIYO YUDEN or RICOH media for this drive[edit]
RICOHJPNR01 works well for me sold as fuji 4x at

thought you ment cdr

I had meant DVD recordable media (should have been more clear on that), but could use some good CD-R media too. Been poking around the forum and see that Verbatim DLP is one of a handful of CD-R media brands that work well with the 3500.

Verbatim DataLife Plus (= Mitsubishi) media, both CD and DVD, can be recommended, as long as you don’t ‘overspeed’ (write faster than the certified speed) the DVD media, as lgkahn pointed out already. The CDs can be written at 48x in good quality, click here for a list of recommended CD media for the NEC ND-3500A.