Verbatim DL+ vs. sony DL+

hi, a electrics store is having a sale on Sony 25 pk dvd+ DL 2.8x 8.5G for $17.99. i like to know Sony good as Verbatim DL blanks.

Right about now, Sony is using only a Ritek DVD+R DL disc model for its DL, and this is not nearly as good as Verbatim’s DL.

At one point in very distant history, Sony used the same disc model as Verbatim 2.4x DVD+R DL is (denoted by the “made in Singapore” on the package), but that is no longer the case; these are long gone. You will now only find the “made in Taiwan” media (Ritek) under the Sony brand.

(Unless you have a writer that is known to handle the Ritek DL media well, it’s probably not worth your while to even bother with them.)

In the red corner weighing in at 2.4X & 8X, the winner & still champion is Verbatim. :clap::cool::clap:

thanks for the replys guess i visit sams club get verb.
also tried ridata dl not good from ritek made in taiwan.
4 blanks got errors said 4g instead of 8g. out of 25 pk.

Can ImgBurn be install with CyberLink DVD Suite Deluxe.
CyberLink came with computer later i installed Nero 8 with Cyberlink still install . computer won’t work right had to a system recover.

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ImgBurn is highly recommend and works great with low to poor quality media whether it is single layer or double layer and I don’t know of any conflicts :wink:


i went to Sam’sclub to get Verb.DVD+ DL.
They had two batches one Made in Singapore the other Made in India.
So i brought Singapore wasn’t sure about India. Any comments on this.

Made in Singapore Verbatim #96577 0712-102 RM#172416
receipt 65008 DL DVD skill#0 2342 96577 0

Made in India Verbatim 96577 0712-211 RM#172417 skill #same

Thanks Again, i try ImgBurn.

Made in Singapore was the better choice :clap:

I have thought in the past that Verbatim had only one type of media quality and that is why it is better.

Is Verbatim not as good now? Would Sony media for DVD and CD be as good now or are they not as good as older Verbatim and the newer Verbatim from two different country?

Thank you

Verbatim is more consistent than most other types/brands of media, which is why we often recommend them. They are also easier to find than some other high quality disks, like Taiyo Yuden 8x +R disks.

Verbatim does sometimes let a poor batch of media through to retail, but that happens with all the manufacturers. I still recommend Verbatim over Sony for most people, though Sony disks are generally not too bad. One exception would be the double layer disks sold under the Sony brand, which are not nearly as good.

There have been some reports that the Verbatim single and DL media from India are not as good. But many of our members and moderators have had very good results from the Indian made Verbatim disks, especially the single layer variety. If you have a choice when buying Verbatim DL, I’d still pick the Singapore made disks over the ones made in India.

Verbatim cd’s by contrast, seem to be nothing special. I only use Taiyo Yuden for blank cds.

Thank you for reply

Good information to help in buying

Thank you