Verbatim DL, uneven dye or?

I was checking out the underside of one of my recent burns and noticed an irregular effect, only when looking at it while it’s reflecting light. The closest I can get to a description is if you remember what the circular psychedelic scanner readout in Spock’s station on the original series of Star Trek… But really faint. The majority of the discs in the spindle seem to have this effect as well, but the burn was successful and looks like every other average MKM001 burn in kprobe.

(i know, I am reaching here, but it’s really hard to describe)

Any ideas, seen this before, what? Thanks.

Have you noticed this effect with other different discs too?
Can you do a jitter scan with Nero CD-DVD Speed?

Strangely enough I have had this happen, but it seemed to only occur on bad burns.

My Lite-on drive is notoriously horrible for burning DL media (a couple Lite-on’s I’ve had have been this way), why I don’t know, but I remember seeing that effect on at least one disc where the first layer recorded fine and the second layer was fubar.

Well, it’s in just about every disc I checked from the last two batches of DL’s I got. This one isn’t as good as some of the scan results I have seen but it doesn’t look awful either… I really hope I don’t have to redo all of these.
Oh, and the effect is there with the blank, untouched media too.

I would classify that as a decent to good burn for a DL, well within specs at least. :slight_smile:

I think, that’s normal for DLs. Just look at the blank DVD DL, you should see same ‘waves’ effect. At least, I haven’t seen a DL-recordable disc without that effect so far.

I think this is normal on DL disks, it’s probably an interference effect from light reflecting from the two closely spaced reflective layers. You can see this on a lot of dual-layer DVD-ROM discs as well…