Verbatim DL media smell!

On a somewhat related note… :doh:

MICRODIA Produces Flash Drive With Fresh Fruity Scents

MICRODIA recently announced the launch of their Flash-Key Fruit-A-Roma USB Drives. These new drives have a capacity of 8GB and come in four fruity scents: orange, strawberry, grape and green apple.

Oh no LOL :doh:…maybe they read CDF?

My Memorex RICOHJPN R03 had a strong smell to them…& I, like you said, had to replace the cover in order to not be overwhelmed. Have to say I never employed the buddy system, though. :wink:

But I think that those RICOHJPN, although burned on the 1653S (one of the poorer 16x burners of its day) were champs (got to burn one last one when I got my 1693S.) But boy, did they smell even stronger after the burns!

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Wow, I’m talking about drives from 2004 and 2005. I didn’t realize I’d been around here for so long

Curses, foiled by the DrageMester :sad: I saw this, and knowing how Arachne just loves these odiferous references…
Can fruity DVD-R’s be far behind :bigsmile:

You rang? :wink:

Not fruity DVD-Rs, but fruity CDRs

(Sorry, I just had to :bigsmile: )

What the hell ? Manufacturers should concentrate mainly on quality rather than smell :a


My Prodiscs have this weird smell to them too :smiley:


why do you people lick and smell yoru disc?

:bigsmile: Takes all kinds i guess.

Some people like to smell and lick feet :Z

You mean, you don’t?! :eek:


i only taste them, dvds with BBQ sauce taste good

I bought 3 packs of TDK media. After opening the two packs that were TTH02 and TTG02, I opened the third pack. I knew off the bat that it was CMC media from the way it smelled VS the TDK-made media. [I had already opened 2 other batches of CMC MAG M01 and a batch of AM3, so it makes sense that I knew].

It scares me to know I can automatically tell what MID a disc is from its smell without even trying :eek: . I don’t think I’ll be tasting them, though. :disagree:

LOL, that’s a new one, MID identification by smell :eek:

Go on, just a little lick, I won’t tell :bigsmile:

Thanks, but no thanks. Not enough fiber in the media for me. & Computer cases offer more of the metals essential to our living. :bigsmile:

Besides, media is too oily for me. :stuck_out_tongue:

[Plastic is often made from petroleum, IIRC, for those that forgot.]