Verbatim DL in 1693 - what speed?

I know the answer to this is here someplace, but every search I do I get tons of hits. I’ve made several $2 coasters trying to burn MKM 001 (Verbatim DL) media in a BenQ drive. I switched to burning DL on my LiteOn 1693 (KS0A) and it works fine at 2.4x but it’s soooo slow.

Since it costs $2 and ~30 minutes a try, I’m hoping someone can tell me what speed (hopefully above 2.4x) works well for the 1693 and this media?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Let me know when you find the answer. I re-formatted my system and did a complete re-install and I still kept burning coasters with the Verbatim MKM-001s in my Sony DRU-810A/Benq dw1640. Didn’t matter what firmware or speed I used. 3 different programs all burnt coasters. Yes each program tested by itsel including Nero 6.6 and 7. Anyway, I just saw Verbatim (orange box - DVD+R DL 8x) MKM 003s on the shelf at Best Buy for the first time last week. Guess what, they burn absolutely fine for me. Too bad they’re way more expensive. Burnt 140$ worth of coasters trying to get the damn MKM 001s to work.

In 1693 using KS0B UFB2 f/w I can burn up to 4X. Also, I have no problem burning MKM 001 in BenQ 1655 using BCDB f/w. I swapped the writing strategy of MKM 001 with MKM 003 using MediaCodeSpeedEdit by ala42. I use ImgBurn for my burning software. Don’t use any version of Nero as it has problems burning DL discs. I can burn up to 8X, but I keep to 6X with great success.

$140? Ouch… I feel much better about the six or eight bucks it cost me now, thanks! :slight_smile:

BenQ 1640 BSMB can’t seem to burn MKM001 at any speed for me - it is what produced all the coasters. Next DL I do on the 1693 I will try at 4x.

I got some of the Verbatim DL for $19.99 for 10 at Office Max and on the box they do say: “Up to 6X speed With compatible high speed DVD+R DL drives”.

Hope it works for you. That’s the same media I was using (purple box, up to 6x). I can successfully burn Memorex 2.4x, FujiFilm 2.4x, and Verbatim 8x (orange box) no problem. Tried swapping media codes as Scarfaceal but I didn’t use MKM003 which is the 8x Verbatim DL Media Code. I used a different brand which is why swap probably failed. I may try swapping with MKM 003s if I find a REAL good deal on the MKM 001s. Good luck.