Verbatim DL DVD 3-pk 13.99 shipped





The first link at states “6x”. The 2nd link, at CostCentral, states “2.4x”. I would pay the extra 84 cents at (whom I have done business with) for the 6x media.

But if memory serves, the free shipping at only applies to orders over $25, so you will need to find a filler or else buy two of the 3-packs.

At any rate, I am STILL not buying any dual layer disks. Just too d*mn expensive for a tightwad like me.


not true…just select “bargain shipping” to get the free shipping.


Both sites are selling the exact same thing…costcentral is slightly less…


They’re the same product, order code 95014, 3 pack of 8.5GB 2.4x DVD+R Double Layer. Many drives can burn them at 6x which may explain the product listing, but technically there is only 2.4x DL and now 8x DL.


$4.67 per DVD - what are these made of…GOLD?


That deal at Office Depot (Two 3-packs for $19.95) really WAS a GREAT deal. Glad I picked up a few packs then. Seems no one can match that $10 a 3-pack on Verbatim DVD+R DL media yet…(That had to be a loss-leader?) :confused:


This is not a bargain at all!!


The markup on those disks from manufacturing to retail must be PHENOMENAL! You’re paying now for past research and development costs. Wait a year and they’ll be 25% of that price.


I pay damn 8$ for a Verbatim 4X DL DVD-R here…it works at 6x altho :cop:


You guys are kidding, right? Why would you pay so much for a blank DVD?

The entertainment film companies only pay the DVD manufacturers about .40 per blank DVD (single layer) before packaging for the ones you pay $17.99 for at Bestbuy.

Do you really think paying so much per DVD will give you that much more time before it loses its archival ability? Wouldn’t it be cheaper already to buy a 160 gig hd for backup purposes and burn stuff to DVD’s that cost $.28 per from time to time? You couldn’t have gotten a Seagate last week at Bestbuy for $20 after rebate!