Verbatim DL Blu-ray Rewritable Discs




I wonder if these will be unreliable like DVD RW media.

And I also wonder about price :eek:


Hmm, I wonder how many drives have support for these in their firmware?


This is new for Verbatim, but TDK/Panasonic have had BD-RE DL out for a long time now.

I have two TDK BD-RE DL discs and they burn fine on my LG GGW-H20L.

I just wish that BD-RE technology would advance past 2X speeds.


This is (yet another) stupid article from PC Magazine. BD-RE 50GB dual layer, albeit 2x has been around I think since the birth of the BD itself.

Rather, I would say, it’s about time Verbatim got on board.

I’ll stick to my 3-pack of Sony DL BD-RE discs (which I think are just re-branded Panasonic).