Verbatim DL 50-Pack @ SAM's

OK, I’ve gone & bought a 50-Pack of Verbatim DL’s (MKM001) @ SAM’s.

They’re Made in India & have a different design (light silver, like the normal 16x media) than the normal light purple DL’s.

I stuck one in my Pioneer burner & it supports up to 8x burning on these.

I haven’t burned any yet, I just want to get other people’s opinion about MII MKM001 media first, not MCC004, I’ve read enough to know that some rate them as good, while others horrible.

I would not trust a MII washcloth
let alone a technology item

ooook…i knew that was coming, anyone have any experience with this exact media?

I think you’d be the first to use them on CDfreaks, but then I haven’t been around the last couple weeks. Give one a try and post a scan for us. How much was the 50 pack, BTW?

My prediction was true, the spindles look different and thus might not be made in MIS so folks start stocking up on MIS DL Vert media. But too soon to jump to conclusion since I haven’t seen any scans yet

$69.97, which is why I’m a little hesitant to burn one.

I was in a hurry & didn’t bother to look at the MADE IN * label before I opened them, but usually SAM’s doesn’t hesitate to let you bring them back…assuming you haven’t used any.

Well, no one has any experience with DL Verbs made in India. They’re brand new and just hit the market, so unless you’re prepared to try one and give us a scan, we can’t help you make a decision. We’re waiting for someone like you to be the first to try them out.

I was just about to burn one, when something told me to check the other discs first.

After doing so, I found defects on several, ranging from severe scratches, one had what looked like sandpaper had been rubbed over it a few times…so NO, I’m not burning any & returning it to the store.

I’ll just sit by & wait for some brave soul to do the deed, sry guys 'n gals.

Yup, the original post is the first person I have heard of on the net getting MII DL Verbs.

went to sam’s online and they have them under new products

never seen a 50 pack before

Wow. The packaging is nice, though.
I will stock up on Made in Singapore DVD+R DL now. I don’t fully agree with [B]zaq [/B]but it is a fact that consistancy was never the strength of MII Verbatim media.
I just hope that Verbatim and CMC start liking each other again so we can see high quality, affordable DVD+R DL from Taiwan under the Verbatim brand.

They have sandpaper like scratches on them?

Where’s that indian guy who had a big go at me for making fun of india making verbatim discs. I want to laugh in his face.

Btw, why don’t you burn one? You opened the pack already? What are you planning to do? I don’t really understand why you would not return discs with huge scratches on them…

You could always just burn one little disc and put a clear spacer right at the bottom so they can’t tell the difference hehe. Are they really going to count every disc to make sure when you return them?

I was hoping that Verbatim would send the first disks from India to Europe and let
you all be the beta testers until MBI works the bugs out of their production facility.

Looks like SVP and other quality outlets on that side of the pond are passing on this product.

You mean [B]Bhairav[/B]?

Although I agree that Moser Baer’s QC and consistency are definitely not their strengths, I see no point in bashing people who are not involved with the production of Verbatim media in India. :disagree:
It’s not the fault of the country India or the Indian people in general, but the problems of the particular manufacturer Moser Baer.
(Lucky Indians not getting any MII Verbatims…)

I would recommend directly contacting Verbatim to make them aware of the QC issues in India. To be honest, I really expected an inevitable drop in DL media quality when it was announced that Verbatim is starting to outsource the production from Singapore to India.

I still hope that Verbatim will also have some DVD+R DL produced in Taiwan by CMC, as they’re much more consistant, at least CMC can make some great MCC SL media…

Yes, we are usually the guinea pigs to try out quality drops and nevertheless end up paying more in [I]Rip-off Britain[/I] or [I]Rip-off [insert country name here][/I].
Nice to see the roles being reversed, at least once :stuck_out_tongue:

May is the time we all by pass the use of this particular shipment of Verbatim DL media until the come of with decent quality of DL disc as they used to have. It is not worthwhile to pay $1.5 (@min) per disc knowing is when you use them majority will go to the trash can.

Well, most likely not, but I’m not gonna stand there with egg on my face, if for some reason they actually do.

And yes, there are some discs in the pack with sandpaper-like scratches.

I’ve been to europe enough to know many places sell singles for abnormally high prices, maybe someone will find a Verbatim DL MII single pack & test it out for us.

And I WILL be calling them, I just hope I don’t get the run around, like I did with FujiFilm awhile back.

I’d go ahead and burn some of the discs that look decent. There’s no way they won’t take back the package if some of the discs are scratched up. They won’t care if you burned any because they are going right back to the manufacturer. If Sam’s gives you a hard time returning anything, you need to switch to Costco. They have an awesome return policy.

There’s not a single Costco in this entire state, or in any states around me. I sure we had one thou.

For product support:

they are usually very good at trying to head off marketing disasters like this one

Well the thing is that the spindle contains 50 discs, too much for testing purpose. I was hoping they have smaller spindle so some of us can test to see how the MII DL Vert against the genuine MIS Vert.