Verbatim DL 3pack $10.99 at MicroCenter

Prices are going down… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I guess they are substituting for the memorex DL disc, which were all sold out. New Pioneer DVR-110 will love this deal

Not bad, but how much is shipping? You’ve got to watch shipping costs on these sort of deals (not unless you can purchase them locally).

I went to and checked yout their media listings. I dont see that price.
Is this instore only?? If not can you provide a direct link?? Thanks!!

the Microcenter near me sell them for 14.99!!! :frowning:

I saw these at the Microcenter in Houston. Maybe they ran out of the Memorex, but they were on the shelves with a big yellow label in front of them showing $10.99.