Verbatim DL 10 Pack $24 shipped

just bought 3 boxes. Should’ve bought ten- crap $2.39each for a verbatim 8x +DL is a STEAL!

Not bad but are they actually the 8x rated media or just the 2.4x that overspeeds to 8x on some burners? Also how do the 8x D/L Verbatims compare with the 2.4x MKM001 D/L Verbs?

The last pack I received from Newegg was MKM 001 and the box said “up to 8x speed”. Both my NEC and BenQ will burn these at 8x.

Maybe they’ve gone over to MKM 003, but either way, I’m in for 3 packs. They’re Verbatims for a good price.

I’ll post which they are when they get here

Okay, then they aren’t being truthful. They are in fact 2.4x rated discs. Most writers will write them at 4x or 6x with no problems and a handful can write them pretty well at 8x. They are not 8x discs however. That’s kinda like saying 4x TYG01 are 16x discs because some burners (ie late NECs) can write them at that speed.

That assumes they are not shipping MKM 003. I got MKM 001 but that was last week. They may have switched since then. It’s very possible considering the volume Newegg does.

They say 8x, not “rated at 8x and will burn at 8x in every burner.” In fact it’s likely older burners will not have write strategies for the newer MKM 003 without a firmware update. In that case I think they would default all the way back to 2.4x (I’m guessing).

With that SKU they are definately MKM001. Still, it’s a pretty good price.

As mentioned in another thread, there is now an $8 rebate to go along with this sale. This brings the price down after rebate to $16 per 10 pack or $1.6 per disk. This is the lowest advertised price I’ve seen and is hopefully a sign of things to come.

Personally I hate rebates but for those who don’t mind the hassle, this is the best deal around. Be aware that newegg will pull back the free shipping offer at any time.

Here’s the Newegg link. $15.99 after $8 rebate, free shipping.

limit 1 rebate per customer…this is the 2.4x, suprised to see the 8x not mainstream here in the states yet for a good price.

Ad says $4.89 3-day shpping, not free.

Free shipping is gone. That makes this deal good only if you don’t mind rebates. I’m glad I got in for $24 shipped without rebate.

That sure didn’t take long.

Holy Crap, now it is $18AR + $4.89 shipping. I swear they must have a blonde listing their prices.

Yeah they seem to keep tweaking the price up. I’m not a rebate guy, so all I see is 26+5=~$31. I’m glad I stocked up at $24 shipped.

Yeah, I’m glad I still have most of my 10 pack left over from the last 10 for $20 in store special. I don’t use them very often but they sure do come in handy from time to time.

It’s gonna be a long time before I buy anymore DL media. I only use them to back up my premium movies. With that, there arent that many movies out there that I plan on purchasing that would warrant a DL back up. Maybe if the price came down to a dollar a disc.

I concur. I use them for the occasional D/L console backup. I also like them for TV series.

says for me

($16.99 after $8.00 Mail-In Rebate)
$8.00 Mail-In Rebate
Free Three Day Shipping (Not available in HI, AK and PR)