Verbatim DL 10@$15.00 Price Match at Microcenter

Just left the Santa Clara, Ca store of Microcenter. They price matched Office Max price for 10 Verbatim DL (Part No. 95166) at $14.99. they want you to bring the ad along, but the ad is posted on line at Office Max as well. Not sure if they will accept that though. For me this is a better deal than Newegg at $24.00 since their is no rebate hassle and no waiting.

PM at bestbuy (after purchase) and get another 2 bucks off
which may be the best deal of all

PM is very YMMV. For the same price, just jump into OM and buy a spindle without price matching hassle. Dont ever attempt to price match at CrapUSA, they are the worse, the manager twist the PM policy left and right to refuse price matching. Best Buy are running low on Verb DL media so check on hand quantity before you head there

Another reason to go with Office Max – they are offering free shipping on all orders until December 15th. No need to even leave the comfort of your living room.

never had a problem with PM at BB
as long as you can show an ad

They don’t do web matches