Verbatim disc on SHM-165H6S: bad burn?

During my last thread I used Siverdisc discs and I got the message to buy better discs. Now I bought Verbatim and what do you think about the burn result:

The answers in your other thread still apply:

  • even though you bought a different brand, your CD’s are still made by the same manufacturer (CMC Magnetics) and possibly your burner doesn’t like these. Try to find something else again (maybe “Made in Japan” Verbatims).
  • Lite-On DVD-burners aren’t very suitable for CD Disc Quality scanning as they don’t report all errors correctly.
  • 8X speed is correct for scanning DVD on your drive, CD are usually scanned at higher speeds (32X and more).
  • You didn’t specify the burn speed that you used, try burning your CD at 16, 24 or 32X to improve the result.
  • A good CD shouldn’t have any C2 errors.

Good luck!

I don´t think this DVD-burner is reliable for scanning CD-R

Indeed, Liteon DVDRW drives are useless for scanning CD media. But if they show errors, then the disc is seriously bad.