Verbatim Digital Movie Reel X 4 +R

Hi Guys:

I picked up some Verbatim Digital Movie DVDs 25pk 4x +R & 10pk 4x +R on Ebay .

A search on these Forums indicates they are probably not to good.

Most of the information from the search is from much older posts does anyone have a expierence on using these discs recently?

Seemed like a semi decent deal for 15$ shipped for both packs after checking some online prices.

Any thoughts or recent use of these discs would be appreciated.

Thanks: Snowus

I’m not sure where you got the impression that they’re not good; those discs are media code MCC002 and made in Taiwan by Prodisc for Mitsubishi/Verbatim. I and many others have had great results with MCC002. Still, $15 for 35 MCC002 isn’t as good as $19.99 for 50 MCC003 at Best Buy this week.

This could also be made by CMC with MCC002 code…
As Two Degrees indicated, the discs are usually good to decent quality.

To be honest Wesociety, I don’t think CMC started making discs for MKM until the 8x discs came out. I went and checked out my old 4x MIT MCC media and ALL of it, + or -, was made by Prodisc.

Edit: It looks like CMC did make some MCC01RG20:

I haven’t heard of any MCC002 made by CMC though.