Verbatim Datalifeplus


anybody knows what the DataLifePlus label on Verbatim DVD+R’s mean? The reason I’m asking is because I’ve recently purchased some DVD’s that were labeled DataLifePlus on both Verbatim and the resellers website, however I’ve received some DVDs without the DataLifePlus label. Strange thing is, part of the barcode number matches the five digit product ID on verbatims website (43495).

I’ve always been of the impression that DataLifePlus meant that the medias were better quality, and therefore could be stored for a longer period. If someone could tell me what the difference between DataLifePlus, DataLife, and non-DataLife/Plus medias is that would be great!

I’ve obviosly tried to contact Verbatim, but they don’t seem to want to answer, so if anybody knows what’s up I’ll be grateful. It’ll be nice to know if I should return the discs. They are still in the sealed package - otherwise I can’t return.

I can post some pics if that’ll help anybody. They were brought in EU.


Ceck on the package where they are made, it should say so on the spindle box. The Datalife Plus Verbatim’s I have are Made in Japan and thus made by Tayo Yuden.

Verbatim have chosen to drop the DataLifePlus name on their DVD media, or at least on DVD+R and DVD-R.

I also have some Verbatim media that used to have the DataLifePlus name, but now don’t have that name. They are still the same reorder number, the same Media IDentifier and the same quality.

Ok, I finally found it:
Reorder 43495
Made in India
A Mitsubishi Chemical Company

India ?!? That doesn’t sound good in my ears.

Ok, thanks a lot for info.

So the question is: Are the India disks as good as anything else? Otherwise I’m going to return them asap.


People’s experiences with the Made in India Verbatims vary, and some think it depends on whether the drive has firmware that has been calibrated to older Made in Taiwan Verbatims or to newer Made in India Verbatims.

Personally the Made in India Verbatims have been at least as good as Made in Taiwan Verbatims for me, or in the case of Verbatim 16x DVD+R maybe even better.

Ok, I guess I’ll just keep them and avoid the hazzle of returning them and find something better. Having browsed the forums it seems impossible to find something there is a consensus about being a good media.

Once again thanks for the info. I’ll look around in the future, so I have a better idea about what to buy and not to buy next time.

It’s a jungle out there …


The general opinion is that Tayo Yuden media is superior to other media, but it also depends on your burner/firmware