Verbatim DatalifePlus - The good stuff!



Has anyone seen these before?

The packaging style looks really familiar… :smiley:



Hehe… lemme guess, TYG01?


Where is the best place for spindle Verbatim in the UK, SVP seem to only do single Jewel cased discs and the other site do not list what type of dye is used, it would be great if someone knew if the 50pcs spindle’s were TY media.

Any info appreciated :slight_smile:


I have a few of these, not on spindle, only in jewel cases, but they are identical printable ones, so i would guess same manufacturer and that is MCC - not TY



The ones in the picture I posted are definetly TYs. You can tell by the packaging.



The ones in the picture I posted are definetly TYs. You can tell by the packaging.

Can u enlighten us??

I think they can be either, MCC or TY, bot it doesn’t matter, cause both are great media.

Cheers, TomazO


The little “bump” around the bottom of the spindle screams “TY inside!” The top sort of snaps over a ring on the bottom there. All my TY spindles have that: straight TY from ACCA Products, rebranded Samsung TY from NewEgg, etc.

Here’s a pic of the Samsung-branded TY at NewEgg… look at the bump: Samsung Taiyo Yuden 4x DVD+R. BTW, it’s on sale for $42.99 for a 50pc spindle.


Yes, tropic, your observations are correct. The TY cakebox cover “snaps” onto three “ridges” on the baseplate and the cakebox covers themselves have the familiar TY “bump” towards the bottom. Also note the unique black corrugated baseplate, also a sure sign of Taiyo Yuden media.



I don’t know why Taiyo Yuden is so hard to bloody find in GB.
I have just bought 4 Samsung 4x DVD+R, and they are made by BeALL.
I had been buying 4x Maxell DVD-R at “Richer Sounds” which were Taiyo Yuden and write at 8x, but Richer Sounds have got greedy and are currently selling old 2x Maxell stock at the same price - £1:49. As they say - they aren’t claiming they are 4x - but people buy them assuming they are. It’ll be a long while before I go back there. :a


hi ya there phil

well if the info posted is ALWAYS correct on the packaging, then Rambox has TY inside Verbatim Datalife plus for £23.00 ex vat per 50.

Cdr-resellers has them for a somewhat higher price :frowning:

So, i’ll be brave and order some on Monday and post results here to let the U.K masses know…but not before i buy up what i want …

Stand by




Good man, Mark. I’ll follow your reply with great interest. :wink:
I hear that while both the TY and MCC Verbatim are as expected, excellent - there are other Verbatim packs made by CMC which I wouldnt pay £3.00 for 50 let alone £30.


Yep that’s the worry, you don’t want to end up with them sending you Verb branded CMC’s after all. lol :smiley:

Funny thing is I spent about an hour this morning searching for TY media in the UK and this thread sounds brilliant news so far as I found nothing of a reasonable price anywhere until this.


Yeah - Marks reply in paticular is interesting, and I’ll watch what he gets first. :wink:


Is it true that these Pastel Colour DLPs are always Taiyo Yuden made?


They should be.


I agree. But I also have it on good authority that if its got “azo” on the wrapper, its Mitsubishi (still excellent) and if “Datalife” its CMC (crap)


Your statement is not 100% correct. It may depend on the region, though… I got Verbatim Datalife 4x spindles of 15ct at Office Depot, and they were MCC002.


That would be an inaccurate statement on both counts.


Correct, rdgrimes, because Verbatim DataLife could be CMC, MBI, TY, or even MCC if you’re lucky, and I’ve seen TY discs inside a package with “AZO” on it.



If you’re very lucky, you get TY. Usually, what you get is MCC made in CMC plants.