Verbatim DataLifePlus DVD+R 8X silver $.23 ea. shipped ($8.41/50 b4), min. 600 discs



Lets start out with some caveats …

  • I am not personally going to buy these discs. The minimum order is 600 discs. That’s way too much for me.

  • I have never ordered from these folks … but the comments on look fairly good (7/10 lifetime).

The offer is for 50 disc cake boxes of Verbatim DataLifePlus AZO silver DVD+Rs. Part number / UPC = 95052 / 23942950523. The price is $8.41 per cake box. There is a $100 minimum order (not including shipping).

If you order 12 that’s $100.92. I used the estimate shipping function of the website and $33.31 was shown. When I lookup the cheapest (available to anyone) UPS price I get something in the mid $30s. I’m going to use a “non-optimistic” total price of $138 per 12 cake boxes to come up with $.023 per DVD+R. The cost could be slightly lower than that.

Where are these things made … who knows? (probably) Mainland China? Taiwan?

The person who I’m really posting this for would:

  • live in Miama (likely location of the discs)
  • want an amount of discs that needed to be lifted by a forklift
  • go and get them in their pickup truck (does this seller allow that?)

In large quantities the price of these AZO discs comes down to $0.18 each including Miama sales tax and not including pick up costs. That assumes that you can pick them up. The fact that they’ve got “Resellers: Call for Volume Pricing” on almost all their web pages makes me suspect that that might be negotiable.