Verbatim DataLifePlus = ;-Þ

30-count spindle, 1x-48x, 700MB, SuperAzo, Made in Mexico.

…and I made sure they said “DataLifePlus” before I bought them, though I don’t think that really means anything.

The Lite-On LTR-32123S would burn them up to 32x, but the Matsushita UJDA360 limited them to 16x.

I need to stress that I’ve burned a few of them at various speeds in both of my burners and ran the burned CDs through CDSpeed without triggering any C2 errors or yellow sectors. They seem to read fine on all my computer drives.

But when I ran them through WSES, things sometimes got pretty ugly. I don’t know if my LTR-32123S (XS0Z, 40x read speed for all scans) just has a hard time reading the higher-speed burns or if the discs themselves are bad.

The C1 count stayed within an acceptable range (but still not as low as I’d like) except with sections of the discs that were burned at 16x or faster. Then the C1 count flew up to 250 or in some cases around 300 for the remainder of the disc. I just know those are going to cause trouble in my changer. :a

Just to make sure my drives weren’t having any problems I burned some Fujifilm TYs and tested them, and those gave me good results, particularly when burned on my UJDA360… :bigsmile:

6KB-9KB PNG :cool: images of some of the scans I did are forthcoming…

I had to do 3 more test CDs so that I would have a more complete idea of what’s going on… now it seems I can’t burn the Verbatims at 8x in my Lite-On and expect anything useable…

Firmware for the Matsushita UJDA360 is 1.02
Firmware for the Lite-On LTR-32123S is XS0Z

1. Fujifilm (Taiyo Yuden) burned at 8x in the UJDA360:

2. Fujifilm burned at 8x in the LTR-32123S:

3. Fujifilm burned at 24x 5-Zone CLV in the UJDA360:

4. Fujifilm burned at 32x P-CAV in the LTR-32123S:

5. Verbatim DLP (Mitsubishi) burned at 8x in the UJDA360:

6. Verbatim DLP burned at 8x in the LTR-32123S:
(Note the C1 scale = 2000 and the C2 scale = 300) :Z

7. Verbatim DLP burned at 16x Z-CLV (Drive-limited) in the UJDA360:
(Note the C1 scale = 300) :Z

8. Verbatim DLP burned at 32x P-CAV in the LTR-32123S:
(Note the C1 scale = 300) :Z

The only way I can get anything decent out of the Verbatim DataLifePlus is to use my laptop’s burner at 8x! :a And I haven’t seen anything as bad as Verbatim/Lite-On/8x since my Memorex/Infodisc High-Speed CD-RW experience a while back. :Z

Hey Mitsubishi! Your CMC is showing!! :eek:

I think there have been more reports about DLP’s made in Mexico being :Z

And what is the ATIP code? There are Mitsubishi 97 34 22 and 97 34 23. The 97 34 22 discs do not work well in LiteOn and are SmartBurn-limited to 32x, while 97 34 23 are limited to either 40x or 52x, and work well.

According to CD Doctor 1.4 beta:

ATIP: 97:34:23 (-11077)

I hope my Lite-On isn’t dying… I noticed that the newer models get far, far lower C1 counts using good media than mine… it used to do a lot better… maybe I should go back to XS0U… :confused:

I don’t know… I just remember that the Infodisc RWs that I had refused to work AT ALL in my laptop drive, when the Lite-On could handle them… now it seems the opposite, that my laptop drive is better…

Well, I don’t know what to make of it. I reverted to XS0X, burned another, and got better 32x results, with C1s topping out near 100 at the end.

Slowing the read speed down to 8x got me C1 scans that more closely resemble graphs 2 and 4 above. I even tested the CD that gave me graph number 6 at 8x read and got a peak C1 of 22, though still just as ugly when read at full speed… (CD Doctor makes this so much fun… I hate booting to DOS!)

Maybe the Azo dye is hard to read…:confused: