Verbatim Datalifeplus 8x DVD-R MCC02RG20 not good quality at 4x



I use DVDInfoPro to get quality rating. Verbatim Datalifeplus 8x DVD-R MCC02RG20 does not get good quality rating (50-70%) when burnt at 4x but does get great quality rating (90-99%) when burnt at 6x. Haven’t tried burning at 8x since I’m sticking with 6x.


Which burner and firmware are you using?


Media + Burner + Firmware + X factor + Y factor + Z factor = Good Burn


If you have some tiny spikes of like 5 and it reduces your score to 70 but you have good jitter levels and whatnot, the 4x burn might not be bad. Of course, you’ll have to post some pics so we know what’s going on :slight_smile:


I’m using Liteon SHW-160P6S, firmware PS0B. Below are screen shots of DVDInfoPro in this burnt order 8x, 6x, 4x, 4x


Many drives burn 8x media BEST at 8x.
It’s common to get a lower quality result when writing a disc at less than it’s rated speed.
Of course this is all dependent on the firmware and how well the specific burning drive is optimized to burn the specific media.


Whoa I would avoid 4x. I think you are fine like you said about going with 6x :slight_smile: 8x doesn’t look any better than 6x, infact worse. So I would stay at 6x.

I think you can use cdspeed as well and do a 4x jitter scan. It would be interesting if you could scan your 8x and 6x burns in cdspeed with jitter to see which is lowest.

But yeah, 6x looks nice and btw, I have two LGs that make coasters at 8x but burn well at 4x on that media, so I have the opposite thing happening here :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes I have MAM-A DVD-R LGE08 which get 99% quality rating when burnt at 4x most of the time but get a lot less quality at higher speeds.


Most of my drives take MCC02RG20 better at 6x than 4x. I find that 4x and 6x is usually better than 8x with MCC02RG20 but i have no failed discs at any of the speeds. My opinion is only based on PIF/PIE/Jitter tests :slight_smile:


Below are screen shots of CD DVD SPeed in the same burnt order as above 8x, 6x, 4x, 4x


The weird thing about DVDInfoPro is that after scanning is finished, the quality rating increased by 10-20% when you click on Graph 2 and then click back to Graph 1.


TYG02 is better than MCC02RG20 IMHO. Too bad Taiyo Yuden doesn’t have an archival grade DVD-R.


Well, they have [B]That’s Gold DVD-R[/B], only sold in 10 disc cakeboxes.

But I don’t know much about this product. I don’t know how gold it is. :bigsmile:


Wow $20 for 10 DVD-R, that’s an archival grade DVD-R price.


The website says 1カートン240枚=バルクケース(10枚)×24パック!
(I guess this roughly means something like[I]1 carton with 240 discs = 10 disc cakeboxes × 24[/I]? Babelfish says [I]1 carton 240 = bulk cases (10) × 24 pack[/I]…)

The price of a 10 disc pack:
(¥ 23,940 / 24) / 118.33 ¥/$ = (997.5 / 118.33) $ = [B]$8.43[/B]. :slight_smile:
Not really expensive.

(Disc Impex has them for € 0.30 a disc, so these That’s Gold are about thrice as expensive in Japan compared to Greek prices :eek:…)

If you want to see scary prices, you must look at [I]That’s CD-R/DVD-R for master[/I]. Those aren’t exactly cheap…
One master CD-R: $3.11, one master DVD-R: $7.10!

(Don’t kick me if I misunderstood something on the website…)


All your burns on MCC002RG20 seem to have high jitter. I wouldn’t keep using that writer for them, it doesn’t seem to like the media.


Those jitter scans are performed at 12x in a 6S series drive (Sony DW-Q120A or LiteOn SHW-160P6S) which produces a “waveform” in the jitter graph, which can add 3-4% to the jitter compared to a 4x jitter scan.

I would’t make any decisions based on jitter scans in a 5S or 6S drive performed at scanning speeds faster than 4x.

EDIT: The 6x burn is clearly the best for this drive and media.


Ahh good spotting drage, I didn’t know it was even possible to scan at 12x with jitter!

Kamen, try a 4x scan with jitter and post again :slight_smile:

But yeah, considering the scan was at 12x, the results are pretty good. I think 6x is definitely the go :slight_smile:


16x as well :wink:


But not with 8x rated media with these drives, unless you’ve got Wind’s or C0deKing’s readspeed patched firmware. Without such firmware reading/scanning speed for media rated at 8x and lower is only 12x.

That’s why I’m using the MS0R-rs firmware by CodeKing BTW. :wink: