VERBATIM DataLifePlus 4.7GB 8X DVD-R 50 Pack Cake Box Disc

$20.99 + $4 shipping

yeah - i know - likely ain’t the greatest deal, considering the dang shipping - but i figure these are supposed to be Mitsubishi “MCC 02RG20” and they are;
Shiny Silver DVD-R Media
1X-8X DVD recording speed
Ideal for silk screen printing
Metal Azo recording dye optimizes read/write performance
Superior Archival Life

so i figure post it, since i picked these up along with the Black OEM BenQ DW1640 deal

check it…i ALSO grabbed these for $11 after MIR + FREE SHIPPING
Verbatim 700MB 52X CD-R 100 Pack Cake Box Disc - Retail

hope someone else can benefit :wink: