Verbatim datalifeplus 2.4x DVD+R

i picked up some verbatim datalifeplus DVD+R 2.4x

package says it was made in singapore
im assuming they are media code : MCC…001

there were some 2.4x that were made in taiwan… ill have to try those out too some time later…
im thinking the taiwan are RICOHJPNR00 or CMC MAG.R01

both of these came in 12 pks

for $22 US

the ones from singapore were singles… shrink wraped together…

im really on a quest to find verbatim datalfieplus that are TY!
the taiwan ones had some cardboard around them…

Hehe, good luck then :wink:

If you find plextor DVD+R discs, then they are TY as well :slight_smile:

Anybody here know if Verbatim/Mitsubishi have a factory in Taiwan?

I have verbatim 4X DVD-R and 4X DVD+R made in Taiwan, both types identified as Mitsubishi Chemicals.

But the serial numbering system, general disc look etc is identical to CMC…maybe CMC makes the discs for verbatim but with mitsubishi ADIP?

I think this is the case for Verbatim CD-R media made in India…actually made by moser baer, but with AZO dye and mitsubishi ATIP…

i have some of those verbatim cdr made in india

did a burn with it… scans are here…

im not sure what to think… im going to burn a dvd-video to it and see if it skips… but the one kprobe scan at 2x on FW ES0C looks EXCELLENT!

best ive seen… im also going to rescan it on ES0G

maybe even 4x rescan on ES0G also…

BTW, you can’t scan at 2x on a 401/411, it defaults to 1x. Set it at 3x to get 2.4x.
DVDInfo scans/reads at 6x, which accounts for the slowing down.
Reading speed in the 401/411 is critical to error rates, but I agree that results aren’t always logical. The “bad” scan looks like a damaged or dirty disc.

yeah i noticed that when i did 2x it set it at 2.4x it did not goto 1x
dvd info
yeah that what i figured… was only at about 2-3x when it got problems…
dvd info
the BAD scan never gets above 2x and spins up and down often… all the way thru…

yeah logical is my biggest problem…
only thing logical i can do is burn at 2.4x and not waste discs… its almost going to be a good disc at 2.4x… but still there are the few that are bad! :frowning:

I promise its a Clean dvd+r right out of the jewel case…

i think ES0G is not working for me now so im going to burn and scan on ES0C as it takes too much time to flash back and forth…

btw… i did decide to buy another 401s and its august… 0825 to be exact… backed all that up…

im not sure now if it was the right decision… but if i can get consistant 2.4x burns on ES0C like that last one i will be happy if they do not skip and read decent in my new liteon DVD-rom that is coming :slight_smile:

I got five Datalifeplus 4x DVD+R and one 2.4x DVD+RW media for test last week. For now, saving them for later purposes.

any update on those burns… im going to burn a few more verbatim DLP 2.4x and see if they burn good on 401s on fw ES0G
they burn great on ES0C

i hope to get a few burns in tommorrow or saturday.