Verbatim datalife

What do you guys think of this media? I searched for this media here, but all I see is datalife plus, which this clearly isn’t. It’s datalife, but no plus. I need some reliable reasonably priced +r media so I can try bitsetting. :smiley:

For DVD media, there is no diference…all the Verbatim is the same stuff. It could be any one of at least 3 different media makers regardless of the name on the label.

it says cmc, MCC, yuden, ricohjpn and ritekg03. I just want to make sure it isn’t cmc

There’s no way to know. Only media made in Singapore is actually made by MCC. Taiwan is either CMC or MCC-made-by-CMC. It could also be Moser Baer, made in India. If you’re in the USA, go to Office Depot when they’re on sale and you can see where they’re made. Incidentally, there’s no evidence that the CMC or CMC-made media is any worse or better than MCC, it’s totally drive-specific.