Verbatim datalife plus and 40125w

I just found a great deal on Verbatim DataLife plus super AZO 48x
(5$ for 20). I was wondering if these would work well with my Liteon 40125w.

Yes, These should work. Verbatims are good media. Sounds like you got a good deal. Enjoy.

Verbatim has different qualities of media. Some are good, some are bad and some are in between.

AFAIK, Verbatim & LiteOn isn’t always the best combination one’d dream of. I used different kinds of Verbatim on my LiteOn and did not experience much problems… but I’ve had better!

Verbatim DL+ 97 34 22 do not seem to work too well, but 97 34 23 should work. 48x discs are certainly 97 34 23.

Thanks for the hep guys. These were in fact 97 34 23, and seem to work pretty well.

If anybody is curious here are my first results.

A scan is only meaningfull if you post the burn speed and read speed.