Verbatim confusion (DVD-R 16x discs) ><

I got a spindle of 100 Verbatims from about a week ago.

I’m a little confused.

So some of these are made by Mitsubishi Chemicals and then some are Prodiscs and some are CMC? I’m not understanding…

I have like 10 more TY discs to go through before I can try these new Verbs out for a scan.

Virtually all Verbatim 16x are made by Moser Baer India (made in India), CMC or Prodisc (both made in Taiwan). Only DL media are still made by Verbatim themselfes (made in Singapore). I have used DVD+R 16x from Moser Baer India and Prodisc and I am very satisfied with the scans. On the other hand I got a very poor batch of Verbatim DVD-R 16x printable made by Prodisc. I will stay away from Verbatim DVD-R 16x, although the quality of these discs is usually much better.

here in california i haven’t seen one from india. the only indian made discs i’ve seen were imation

i prefer verbs that are cmc made. got 2 prodisc made spindles that were just bad. either that or my pio 111L just prefers cmc made verbs.

All mine seem to be MCC.

they carry the mcc media code but are actually manufactured by cmc, prodisk etc. They are made to Mitsubishi’s specifications using their dyes and approved materials and equipment as well as their quality control standards. I also think that they have their people supervising operations in others plants.

Cool beans. I guess I’ve been benefiting from that. No bad batches so far.

I have verb mcc004 by india and now are very poor quality. :frowning:

Welcome to CDFreaks, [B]eol[/B] :). What burner and firmware are you using to burn those MCC004’s? Unfortunately, they seem to be slightly different to other MCC004 discs made in Taiwan, and some burners dont seem to like them at all.

the old batches of verbatim (around 2002 or 2003 were cmc. they switched from mcc to cmc then back to mcc. needless to say they should be gone now.

if the logo says “pearl white” instead of “advanced/super/metal azo” then it’s ritek.

verbatims that are made in japan are yudens.

everything else will be mcc. but mcc are made by various companies as meticulously explained by everyone above. i prefer cmc verbs

I believe there’s more Pearl Whites with CMC MID out there than Riteks, but I could very well be wrong.

I haven’t seen any Verbatim 16x Pearl Whites yet, but the 8x Pearl Whites are/were both CMC and RiTEK. I don’t know which is most common, however.

But there are 16x Pearl Whites, with MCC 03RG20 code (but I don’t know for how long)…
The 8x Pearl Whites sometimes have an “AZO” (not Super/Advanced/Metal Azo) logo, then they’re CMC. If they don’t have the “AZO” logo they are Ritek.
This is only valid for Europe, no Pearl Whites have shown up in other countries.

The old CMC batches from 2003 were mostly 4x media and mostly DataLife, which can be CMC, MCC, or other manufacturer. DataLifePlus was always MCC (Made in Singapore by MCC’s own plant, or made by CMC or Prodisc or Moser Baer) or Taiyo Yuden.

So how do I tell if they’re made in India or CMC or Prodisc?

The search function would have been a good place to start, this has been discussed at lenght in many threads. Look here