Verbatim CMC -R : spikes in the metalized layer ?!



well it seems obvious that CMC made MCC03RG20 have constantly crappy edges and that Prodisc’s are way better :

up to now I had only received Prodisc MCC03RG20, and the edges have always been top notch :slight_smile:


Well as with all optical media it is advised to never burn to the maximum available space on the disc.
I always leave about 500MB to 1GB free on DVDs with important backups because the edge is where the most errors and damage can occur when handling discs.


well I handle my discs very carefully.

what you’re saying is definitely true with crappy media.


Would you happen to use canned air to dust your blanks before burning?


nope, and I’ve checked most of the discs in the 100x spindle, they all look like sh*t

it’s a bad lot I guess, tough luck on my side…

but one thing I simply cannot stand is crappy media, otherwise I would buy PRINCO or BulkPaQ

too bad Verb’ wants to lower the prices so much…maybe to push their “archival grade” line ? :frowning:


Is canned air a no-no or a good idea?


[QUOTE=leeperry;2087173]too bad Verb’ wants to lower the prices so much…maybe to push their “archival grade” line ? :([/QUOTE]I don’t think so, since pricey media like the “archival grade” line is a niche, commercially speaking.

As for the quality of “standard” Verbatim in general, yes it seems like the odd problematic batch happens a little more often (that’s my perception from reading here at CDFreaks and elsewhere), but personally I haven’t had a single problem yet during the last two years… and my three last buys were all CMC-made.

BTW. You conclude that these discs have actual issues related to what you see, because you found at least one of them has a strong readability issue near the end. Personally, I wouldn’t jump this fast to such a conclusion because of a single disc. Wait til you have at least 1 disc out of 4-5 with actual reading issues located near the end before declaring these discs troublesome…:wink:


[QUOTE=TheCoffeePolice;2087179]Is canned air a no-no or a good idea?[/QUOTE]I’m not sure. It seems to work OK for many, but it didn’t for me. It created dye discolorations and various visible defects when used before burns. I know at least one other user who experienced that, but that’s all. Maybe it’s down to differents in the amount of air pressure in diferent brands of sprays, or spraying distance.

No problem when used after the burn.


actually I usually use this kind of air device, no risk of throwing frozen gaz on the disc :

well my personal experience has shown me that when you have spikes in the metal layer…either you will get problems right away(this layer is used for reflectivity after all), or you will get unreadable data in the forthcoming months/years…but anyhow it means you have crappy media in your hand, and it isn’t worth burning more than 3 gigs onto it…

you might just save you some time and delete your data altogether beforehand…



Never heard of MAP4. Most CMC-made Verbatim 16x -R is MAPA, MAP6, or MAP7.

I’ve gotten better results from 16x CMC-made Verbs than Prodisc. The Prodisc has been inconsistent.

Media Mail via the postal service in the states would cost no more than $5 to send a 100-pack spindle of media. Very cheap.

Not all cans of air are created equal. Poorly made ones spill out liquid that can damage the disk surface. A light blowing of air should have no adverse effects on media. You also have to be careful never to tip a can of air too far when spraying, as liquid will be released instead of air. The can should remain mostly upright, and the object you are spraying can be adjusted so as to cover the maximum surface area.

The use of the phrase “dirt cheap” makes me wonder where you obtained the media from. Consumer-grade Verbatim in the states is no more expensive than any other brand of media, but when people start using certain phrases without giving the tell-tale indications that they are savvy shoppers, I suspect that something is wrong. Some people get things cheaply because they know how to shop and find deals. Other people get things cheaply because they have been ripped off. I can’t tell which situation applies here yet.


it’s MAP64 actually, but you can’t edit previous posts on this forum ?!

lol, this is branded Verb media from an authorized dealer.

but the price is constantly lowering since a few years…and it shows.

it’s been statically shown that the lower the price, the more relaxed the QA gets.

what about Verb TYG03 ? is that a good option ?

EDIT : humm this guy says Verb TYG03 is low quality :frowning:


For dust removal, you could use a camera vaccuum cleaner.
Like this