Verbatim CDs, 100 pack at $9.99 after Rebate

These have a nice bundle with a few CD burners if you like and the shipping is free.

From my experience the media code could be CMC (fair) or Ritek (good).

Been CMC everytime I’ve got em. But at least they are A grade

Chas0039, they are CMC, if you can find the old 16X Verbatim Datalife plus, they are made in Japan and they have dark purple dye, very nice burn. The dye is even darker than their DVD dye

Well, the last Verbatim CDs I got were Ritek and everyone here said they would be CMC. Even if these are CMC I can live with the price.

Thanks for the update.

These Verbatims are PRODISC !!! I’m serious.

The rebate is over anyways.

wow that sucks. Wouldn’t it be nice if all stores listed the medias MID! or better yet, the MID is printed directly on the packaging! It feels like deceptive advertising otherwise :doh:

I’m using Samsung CD-R’s and they turned out to be Princo’s, they burn rather well on my old nec and new 1640.

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  2. I don’t see any rebate on the newegg page for these cd-r’s.

  3. The reviews from Newegg customers regarding these Cd-r’s are pretty bad.
    I bought a load of Verbatim (MIT) about 6 months ago and haven’t had any problems, but perhaps this is a different formulation?

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