Verbatim CDR 52X 80Min/700MB $11.99 AR

I’m wondering if these Verbatim’s are ok. Never used them before.
$19.99 - $8mir = $11.99

Also, how is Verbatim in regards to rebates?

I can’t go out to stores easily anymore so I’m mainly an online only shopper now. No more thrill of the hunt for MIJ for me. :sad:


Sorry about that. :sad:

Verbatim CDs are nothing special, being CMC or Daxon in some cases.

You can get no-rebate deals for around the same price every week at lots of online places.

May I ask why you will not buy it from stores? Verbatim is very good media both as CD-R and DVD the $199.99/100 is considered very good buy.

Hey TCAS, for that price I will sell you T.Y. CD-R + free shipping he ,he :bigsmile: :wink:

Also, how is Verbatim in regards to rebates?

Flawless, in my experience. I’ve done eight or nine over the past year or so. No more Verbatim CDs for me, though. The last two 25-packs from newegg were CMC media. Random C2 errors per Plextools and E22 errors per CD-DVD Speed. Not bad, single spikes, but not what I’m willing to put up with when I can get TY CDRs online.

Errrrrrrrrrrrrrr, after rebates??? I never want to deal with the rebate with the media buying. Retail stores have them so cheap without the rebates. This Week, K-Mart has Fujis 100 discs for $14 without the rebate, TY disc most of the time

You are exactly right, why by online when much better deal available in retail stores.

It’s not that I don’t want to, but that it is very dificult for me to do so right now. I’m a quadriplegic and my van that I drove(yes, I drove) was totaled so now I’m stuck with public transit. Ok when it’s warm and I feel up to making a day out of one store, but its snowing and I don’t have snow tires on my chair;), not to mention I HATE the cold. So it’s either asking friends to grab media or go online. I do some of the first but just enough to not turn my friends into media mules.:bigsmile:


Advise to stay away from the Verbatims - and Meritline (Read the customer remarks at )

Advise to buy the Taiyo Yuden CD-R from - you then get the finest CD-R’s from one of the premier online resellers-eh!

Is supermediastore ok vs. rima?

I get the TY for the longer storage stuff but how are some of the other brands & their lowest normal price media.

• Ritek CD-R 15.99 vs Ritek Ridata 17.99
• Verbatim CD-R
• Prodisc CD-R $15.99
• Linkyo CD-R $14.99/100 <— :Z I presume?

Just wondering, since a lot of times I’m burning multiple copies & give then away to patients that are “trapped” in the rehabs in the area for a little extra entertainment & resource information for after they get out.

I would keep the TY discs for myself and buy some cheap discs for giveaway discs.

BigMike, stop advertising for RIMA. TY CD-R are on sale at K-Mart for $7 per 50 discs, dont need to go far, I am sure K-Mart exists in every state


Not an advertisement - but a recommendation for a vendor that has earned a very good reputation - over many years of good service - nothing wrong with that-eh!

I apologize for not knowing and realizing your situation, you right in this case wither online purchase or in case good sales @ local retail stores can be done buy asking finned to get you some. All my best wishes.