Verbatim CDR 100pk $20.71

Verbatim - 100 x CD-R 700 MB ( 80min ) 52x - spindle - storage media
Manufacturer: Verbatim
Mfg Part #: 94554
Product Number: 50641553
Price: $20.71

Semi-official ETA is 1/18/05

See page here.

Website still shows backorder.

Got one of these spindles at work and check it out. They aren’t Mitsubishi, they are CMC Magnetics Co Type 6.

A little dissappoineted, but hey, they are cheap.
Besides, they are the essentially the same as the Imations we usually get, and I have always had pretty good luck with those.

<---- shudders. I’m not fond of Imation OR CMC Mag. I’ve got TONS of never used carefully stored backups from anywhere between 2 and 7 years in age going belly-up left and right. I’m currently scrambeling to preserve that data I’d written to them. Looks like where deals go, I’m going to be sticking with TY’s from Rima. :wink:


yup, they are CMC magnetic, the king of crap

Luckily I have never needed storage on them for more than 2 years. We release a software CD to our remote locations once a year with things like the latest Adobe Reader, and major OS patches (field locations on slow internet connections). Anyway, they install the software soon after the CD arrives, and much after a year, all the software on the CD is obsolete anyway.

I will take your warning under advisement though and make sure not to use them for long term storage.

If I could figure out what type of disc the Verbatim 95028’s are for sure, I would be very happy.

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