Verbatim CD-r Question



I use the Verbatim Datalife Plus (48x) (mcc dye,green bottom,silver tops) cd-rs and i find them to be extremely good, i was wondering if someone could tell me if the Verbatim DataLifePlus Super Azo 52x Speed cd-rs are just as good? and do they still have the green bottom? (i seem to prefer the green bottom to gold bottoms for some reason)


Super Azo dye is Super Azo dye, which is indeed bluish-green (unless you go back to the 16x and under DLP Azo discs, which were a deep blue color).


Watch out for different places of manufacture. Quality can vary greatly, but if your burner likes the azo dye, they should all work well enough. Adjusting the burn speed may be required though.


OK cheers… they still made by MCC right.


Made by CMC and Moser Baer mostly. Using MCC dye and specs.